Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Dear Readers:
You may have noticed that a couple of weeks ago that I did not publish on a daily basis.
This was due to the surgery I had done on July 11th on my right foot.  Now I was hoping that it was just going to be a bone spur on top of the foot that had to be 'filed' down, but as it turned out the doctor had to clean out the joint below the spur and put in a ‘peanut’ plate.  And, yes, I have heard all of jokes about now being squirrel bait. 

The result of all of this surgery is no weight bearing on the foot for 12 weeks.  So, essentially, I am a one-footed senior citizen.  Being a former RN, I have always had a special place in my heart for those who are handicapped, but I can tell you, even though this is just a temporary condition, this scenario has given me a deeper appreciation of what they go through. Just the simple task of going to the bathroom or taking a shower has become a major learning 

experience.  But, fear not, I persevere AND I have ‘wheels’.  Of course, I am working on getting streamers and those pinwheel thingies.  And, perhaps a poster to hang on the front with a picture of Maxine that says, “I may be a Senior Citizen, but I’m mobile.” 

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