Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Dear Readers:

I apologize for not posting for the last several days.  My computer is in the computer  hospital and I will not have it back until Monday evening.  Thank you for your patience.  (Posted March 29th)


4-1-14 - UPDATE - and not April Fools - the computer PRISON has not yet released my computer.  Hopefully I will get it today.   

 4-2-14 - UPDATE - Day 6th of imprisonment - got the word late yesterday - words that make you shudder - HARD DRIVE - "they" tell me they have one in stock...(how did they know they were going to need one, hmmmm).  

4-2-14 - UPDATE - 11:00 PM - Day 7 of Insanity - I was finally able to come up the the "bail" to get my computer out of prison - the hard drive later.  For those of you that have ever lost a hard drive, I know that I have you sympathy.  

The computer guy put a 'new' password on the 'puter.  After getting home and turning it on, I put in my usual password and got that little message we all hate - 'Invalid password'.  Fortunately it was 1 minute before they closed, and I called.  Lo and behold...they were still there.  "Use the password - Password - for your password", they said.  Yes, they told me capital P - so I dutifully put it in...and got that lovely little message again.  As I throw my hands in the air and stomp into the kitchen to prepare dinner, my husband asks what wrong.  If looks could kill, my husband would be dead right now.  

Realizing that was the wrong question to ask, he quietly goes into my office, and says, "What did you say the password was?"  I explain to him what they told me.  Now you have to understand that my husband is of the generation where computers are intimating, however, he soldiers on.  Oh, did I say he can't type either?  So, in his 'hunt and peck' method and of course, no capitalization, he types in...password.  It worked!

So, after dinner, I have been RELOADING all of my programs, plug-ins (add-ons) and just generally trying to recreate was is now missing.  I have this strange feeling that I am not going to be bored over the next several weeks.  I've always said - the joy of life is having something to look forward to...I think I might change that little axiom.  

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