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ARTICLE YOU WILL WANT TO READ - "Is There Any Such Thing as “Healthy” Potato Chips?"

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I love potato chips, but have for a long time wondered is they were really good for you, even the so-called organic, good-for-you chips.  Well, read the article below with link below the excerpt to the complete article, and decide for yourself.  Also, a healthy alternative recipe at the end of the article. 

Is There Any Such Thing as “Healthy” Potato Chips?   

 It’s very likely that you’re already aware of the link between fried potatoes and cancer and that potato chips are generally considered to be a “junk food” that has no place in an anti-cancer diet. However, when potato chip companies make claims that their products are “organic,” you might find yourself rethinking your decision to cut them out of your diet. You may even be led to believe that there are certain types of chips such as “kettle-style” chips or “baked” chips that are actually healthy potato chips.

Are Kettle Chips Healthy Potato Chips?
Kettle chips are simply regular potato chips that are fried in a kettle. The kettle method is the way chips were originally prepared in the “old fashioned” days when all chips were made from real organic potatoes.
In this procedure, each group of chips is supposed to be fried as a single batch, as opposed to the more commercial continuous-frying method. Alternately, the kettle method is supposed to process chips in smaller, individual batches. But is it really possible for each batch to be separately prepared? I would venture to say that in a commercial factory it probably doesn’t really happen that way.

The reason this kettle chip process is viewed as “healthier” is that the oil cools somewhat in between batches and thus, the potatoes are cooked at lower temperatures. This supposedly decreases the amount of acrylamides, a carcinogen that forms when carbohydrates are cooked at high temperatures (above 212 F or 100 C).

Technically, if you fry thinly sliced potatoes in a pot at home then you have kettle chips. So, the question is… are kettle chips healthy potato chips? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

4 Types of Carcinogens Found in Potato Chips
There are several forms of carcinogenic compounds that form as a result of potato chip processing. Let’s take a closer look at four types of carcinogens that can form while potato chips (and many other foods) are being processed:

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