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Here is another article about eating right to build your immune system in fighting cancer, and how to eat right after you have been diagnosed with cancer.  The link to the complete article is provided at the end of the excerpt. 

"The world’s food supply has changed drastically. It is almost certain that lurking in any given household are products that in previous generations would not have passed for food. The problem has gone beyond food additives and contamination as corporations are allowed to create “food” in a lab using things nature never intended us to eat. That same food is being shown to potentially cause health issues, and in some cases, even cancer. This article will cover the basics regarding genetically modified foods, the best ways to avoid them, and how to find and shop for the most nutritious, anti-cancer foods.

Understanding Genetically Modified Foods

Thankfully, many more people are rapidly educating themselves when it comes to food quality and nutrition. In 2014, the organic food industry reached a record $39.1 billion in public demand. Contained under that organic food heading are non-genetically modified foods or simply non-GMO.  

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are crops that are created by taking the genes/ genetic information from one organism and forcing it into another. This is drastically different from the age-old cross breeding techniques growers have used for centuries to produce desirable characteristics in their plants. To fully understand what GMOs are, a quick background on pesticides and herbicides is required since the three typically work in concert.

Pesticides & Herbicides (Glyphosate)

Pesticides are created from combinations of toxic chemicals that are then sprayed onto food as it grows. They are used to attract, destroy and/or mitigate unwanted pests.  

Herbicides, commonly known as weed killer, are pesticides used to kill unwanted plants. In addition to the actual genetically modified organism, the role of pesticides and herbicides in the overall cancer-causing equation cannot be underestimated. GMO crops, pesticides and herbicides are almost always used together, which amplifies the potential toxic load to the body.  

Glyphosate, which is the number one most used herbicide worldwide, was upgraded to Group 2B carcinogen status by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Cancer Research in 2015. This means it is “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” This fact alone should be enough for anyone seeking a cancer-free lifestyle to avoid glyphosate and GMO foods altogether.
There’s more because glyphosate was originally patented for use as a mineral chelator and was later adopted by the food industry for use as an ingredient in pesticides and herbicides. This means that when glyphosate is sprayed on crops, not only does it contaminate the soil and food you eat; it also blocks the uptake of vital, plant-based minerals. Mineral deficiencies alone can be responsible for many cancers and other diseases."

This article has a link to a web page that can help you choose non-GMO foods and a shopper app to check bar codes.   Here is the link to the complete article ----> https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/anti-cancer-foods-guide/

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