Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Dear Readers:

Over 20 years ago I really started paying attention to labels and the content amount on products I was purchasing.   My first eye opening experience was with buying flour.  I generally always bought 10 pounds of flour, just grabbing it off the shelf without really comparing prices.  One day as I was taking my time, I discovered that it was cheaper to buy two 5 pound bags of flour than to buy one 10 pound bag.  I think I finally realized at the point 'bigger' was not always cheaper.  

Next, I started paying attention to the sizes of the containers and the content amount in the container.  I discovered that just because the box or the can looked bigger did not mean it had more in it.  I've noticed that the latest practice with food manufactures is to keep the size of the container and the price the same, but reduce the amount of product inside of the container.  Have you noticed that some cans are no longer 15 1/2 oz or 16 oz, but are now down to 14 oz.  Same with cardboard containers, especially cereal.  The box is the same size, but the amount is less.   

Came across an article today just about that very thing.  It seems McCormick is doing the same thing.  
Do you notice any difference between the two cans?  Well, there is!  Same size can, but one has a lesser amount of black pepper.  It seems that one of their competitors has called them on it and has taken them to court.  Read the article HERE

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