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ARTICLE - The Witch Hunt for “Alternative” Medicine Practitioners

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Article on Big Pharma and "alternative" medical care.  Link to the complete article provided at the end of this excerpt.  


Old wives tales and recipes for remedies from your grandmother is woven into the fabric of most lives. Many of us grew up with parents who attempted a home cure before buying medicine or (heaven forbid) making an appointment with the doctor.

A couple of generations ago, the average population didn’t seek out a doctor unless it was clear that it was a serious illness and had exhausted all efforts at handling the problem at home. When doctors weren’t available, or affordable, families sought relief in what is now referred to as holistic medicine or “alternative” medicine.

“Alternative” Medicine is Not Wicked
Before we begin, let’s look at the actual terms being used, shall we? Specifically, the terms “alternative” medicine and “traditional” medicine. Hmmm… the definition of “traditional” is “something that is long-established and time-honored.”  Since herbs, foods, roots, and other natural remedies have been used for millennia, I would contend that natural medicine should actually be considered to be “traditional” whereas drug-intensive medicine (which has only been used for a century or two), should actually be considered the “alternative” medicine.

Do you see how the phrase “he who defines the terms wins the argument” is true? By convincing the world that drug-intensive medicine is actually “traditional” medicine, Big Pharma has re-defined the term and persuades people across the globe that this type of medicine is the gold standard when in reality it is not.

Now, I am not asserting that modern medicine is bad. It is indisputable that incredible advances in medical technology have saved millions of lives from suffering and death. There is no doubt that many doctors and scientists enter their fields with the goal of helping others. You want to trust your doctor. You want to believe that the pill they want you to try will make you feel better.

However, we’ve become blind to a very dangerous trend. Too many of us listen to the “professional” and assume that this doctor has our (the patient’s) best interests at heart. As the doc listens to the problem, nods with very little thought, reaches for the prescription pad, and sends you on your way… confidence dwindles.

To make matters worse, a growing majority of patients now ask for drugs by name. They know the one they want based off a commercial seen on television. It’s the one that’s going to take care of the problem they didn’t even know they had.

Giving Up Power Over Your Health

Over the last several decades, there is a frightening "profit over Patient" approach that is literally changing the way we live and take care of our bodies. 

When did we stop even trying? How did we get here? Why do we now run to our doctors begging for pills to handle every little ailment that appears? What has changed that made our thinking go from natural to pharmaceutical?

  • Eat all the junk you want… here’s a pill for high blood pressure.
  • Don’t exercise at all… here’s a pill for obesity.
  • That stress is no big deal… here’s a pill to alter your mood.
  • Gobble up that sugar… we have your insulin ready.
  • Smoke and fake-tan and ingest known toxins… chemotherapy will fix you.

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