Monday, April 24, 2017


Health Benefits of Red Onion: 4 Ways Red Onions Reduce Your Cancer Risk 
By Dr. David Jockers DC, MS, CSCS 

The use of onions for medicinal treatment of illnesses related to bacteria, viruses, fungus, and chronic disease dates back to Egyptian healing practices recorded centuries ago. However, red onions deserve special attention because they are one of the best sources of cancer-fighting nutrients that are limited in the modern American diet. 

Today researchers believe that up to 40% of cancers are preventable with a change in dietary habits alone. The compounds and dietary nutrients found in red onion are associated with a decrease risk in developing prostate, colorectal, stomach, and numerous other cancers. Read on to learn what makes red onions so effective at improving health and how they can help reduce your cancer risks. 

What are Red Onions? 
Thoughts of their distinctive odor and teary eyes probably comes to mind when you think of slicing into an onion, but how about red onions? Red onions are different than other varieties of onion such as the sweet Vidalia onion and the milder flavor white onion. 

Aside from their flavor and color, red onions won’t make you cry and they also contain different compounds that can inhibit cancer growth. They are part of the collective family of flowering plants belonging to the allium family, known for their rich content in sulfur containing amino acids. This vegetable family has been extensively studied for its protection against degenerative diseases like cancer. 

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