Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I think what is really sad is that most people, 45 and under, never had the experience of living in a neighborhood where people actually sat out on their front porches and talked to one another about what was going on with their kids, the neighborhood, the community, the world.  Now, everyone works, comes home in many cases to an air conditioned house with windows closed and not hearing the "hum" of the neighborhood.  

How many of you know who your neighbors are or anything about them?  Do you know about the elderly neighbor that just suffered a heart attack and needs someone to help with his yard?  Or perhaps that neighbor whose child is suffering with a serious illness?  How about the neighbor whose son, daughter, or grandchild just graduated high school or college?  

What am I going to do tonight?  I going out to sit on my front porch.  How about you?

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