Sunday, February 14, 2016


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How many of you have purchased "dinner" at the supermarket deli?  Raise your mental hands.  How many of you think that that "dinner" was prepared on the premises of the supermarket?  How many of you think that the ingredients used are "Fresh", not boxed or pre-processed food?  Well here is an excerpt from an article for you to read with a link to the entire article provided.  

Consumer Reports wanted to find out whether this burgeoning breed of convenience food is actually fresh and healthful. Our nutrition experts and secret shoppers scanned the prepared-food cases at six major supermarket chains in the Northeast. They made several visits over four weeks last spring to see which dishes were offered regularly. With that information in hand, we chose 24 prepared meals—entrées and side dishes—that were a mix of such basics as rotisserie chicken or mashed potatoes; upscale dishes, such as Parmesan-crusted tilapia, and healthier-sounding fare, such as edamame-cranberry salad.

Then shoppers went to at least three locations of each chain, where they bought the selected dishes and asked counter personnel questions about where the food was prepared and whether nutritional information was available. All three samples of each dish were analyzed in a laboratory for calories, fat, saturated fat, sodium, and—for foods expected to contain it—fiber. (Download a PDF of “Nutrition by the Numbers” for a list of the average values.) 

Our testing and analysis revealed some surprising findings that smart food consumers need to know. 


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